Training Videos

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TRAINING VIDEOS – working with autistic kids in a Son-Rise® Program

  • Informational Meeting – for recruiting, introducing potential participants
  • Disclaimer – we’re A Son-Rise program not THE Son-Rise Program
  • First training – the 4 or 5 things to focus on
  • “The” attitude: the core of the Son-Rise Progam (coming soon)
  • “Join” autistic behaviors
  • Celebrating Interactions (coming soon)
    • celebrate all 4 elements of interaction – eye contact, communicative language, flexibility, and continued interaction (and anything else you want more of) (coming soon)
    • celebrate with variety – say things in different ways and use your body to communicate (coming soon)
  • Adding variety – Type 1 – “Add one thing”
  • Adding variety – Type 2 – “Adding changing roles” aka creating games
  • Incorporating Son-Rise Developmental Model goals (coming soon)
  • Harmonizing with the Option Process philosophy (coming soon)


SPECIAL TOPICS re: working with autistic kids



  • How ABM & Son-RIse make sense together (coming soon)