Useful Docs

USEFUL DOCUMENTS: These are sample documents that we are using at present that could be useful for your autism therapy program – all in pdf form (for some reason my development platform removes the trailing “pdf” so I added it back); if you want an editable copy in msword office (ie in microsoft word, excel of powerpoint) please email that request to

  1. SCHEDULING YOUR PARTICIPANTS  SCHED-W-2016-06-01-2.xlsb.pdf.  If you want a copy formatted in excel to modify and directly use, just email me with that request.
  2. SIGN-IN LOG SHEETS FOR PARTCIPANTS  Sign In Sheet.xlsx.pdf or  Sign In Sheet taller boxes.xlsx.pdf
  3. POLICY _Policy Agreement-shortform-2016-07-24.pdf (excel form for you to edit and use if you want for your team will not upload for some reason in this wordpress application, so email me if you want this for your use at
  4. PARTICIPANT TRAINING – PARTICIPANT PROGRESS PYRAMID Participant_Progress_Pyramid-image.pptx.pdf
  5. PROPOSAL FOR SON-RISE INTERNSHIP Internship_Proposal_Customizable.pdf